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Bureau Veritas is committed to Corporate and Social Responsibility (CSR); it sits at the very heart of our organisation. We recognise the impact of business operations on people, communities and the environment, and we use our expertise in safety and sustainability to mitigate the effect of our own operations.

World leader in QHSE (quality, hygiene, safety and environment), we develop ever more innovative services to meet the needs of society. Thus, facing the great ecological and social challenges of our century, we put our expertise at the service of sustainable and safe development. We are also committed to diversity, gender equality and the fundamental respect of individuals in business, through concrete initiatives.

Respecting our values

Our core values are fixed and absolute. They focus on Integrity and ethics, impartial counsel and validation, respect for all individuals, social and environmental responsibility.

These values are the "cement" of Bureau Veritas to which each of us subscribe. They reinforce our unity and coherence and ensure the reality of our strategy of profitable growth.

Two of these core values - ‘Integrity and Ethics’ and ‘Impartial Counsel and Validation’ are the focal point of recent work conducted by our profession. This work was led by the International Federation of Inspection Agencies (IFIA). The aim of the agency is to develop a compliance program governing all IFIA members. The goal of the program is to enhance the status of the profession by ensuring that each IFIA member:
- Abides by minimum standards of professional conduct throughout its organization
- Assures ethical behaviour
- Assures the integrity of its services.

As a member of IFIA, we are committed to developing and implementing a compliance program which covers our entire organization. The principles and rules of this program are contained in the current "Code of Ethics" which reflects all IFIA Compliance Code requirements.

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All employees, managers and executives are responsible for making compliance a vital part of our business process and future success.


Diversity & Inclusion at BV

Diversity & Inclusion at BV