P Sridhar, India


P Sridhar is Director of Industry for SAR Region, (India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Sri Lanka)


" I joined Bureau Veritas in June 2003 . I was coming from a basic Manufacturing background into a Service Industry. But the work culture and working Environment helped me to adapt quickly. I Look after the major Oil & Gas Upstream Projects and also manage the Key accounts of Larsen & Toubro and ONGC. I have thoroughly enjoyed my Journey in BV till now and am also proud of my Contributions in the growth of BV. I hope to continue with the Good work and see BV emerge from being Good to Great. "





Tushar Patil, India


Tushar Patil is the Financial Controller of Bureau Veritas (India) and this is what he has to say about his career in Bureau Veritas


" I am a Qualified Chartered Accountant and joined Bureau Veritas in 2006 as an Executive - Accounts and Finance. Thereafter I was promoted to Middle East, India, Russia Africa (MIRA)  Zone Financial Auditor and then as a Finance Controller - India.


What I enjoy about being part of Bureau Veritas is that it not only offers opportunities for those who have talent and wish to grow professionally, but also facilitates such efforts


My current job profile includes:

- Overseeing Financial Activities of Bureau Veritas - India which includes Financial Audits of Various Branches of the company and its subsidiaries.

- Preparation of Annual Budget and Quarterly Forecast

- Management presentation of financial performance and variance analysis of the same.

- Overseeing systems, controls and driving improvements in operational areas

- Compliance to the Accounting Standards and ensure Internal Controls are in place and are being complied to in preparation of all monthly / quarterly reports to  help standardization of processes


The journey so far has given me the opportunity to utilize my expertise to the full and develop the confidence to explore greater higher levels of achievement and professional excellence within the group. I am proud of being a part of the Bureau Veritas family. "




R K Sharma, India


Mr. R.K. Sharma is Technical Advisor, TQR, Industry & Facilities, Certification Global  Operation


"Joining Bureau Veritas as a Marine Surveyor in 1983 was one of the best decisions of my life!

This job and subsequent work experiences in almost all the business verticals of the company, (the last being in System Certification), gave me the opportunity to work with many diverse people all over India and around globe. The job challenged me to think outside the box to ensure constant improvement in client service and business growth so that I was never complacent in any position that I held. Bureau Veritas is an unique organizations where an employee can set his/her own professional goals and the company will provide all the necessary training and support to achieve these goals. Any job here is amazing because you get to travel, meet different people, and see diverse business processes at work. Helping clients achieve their business goals will provide you with valuable experience to leverage in the future, not to mention the personal satisfaction that you will derive. Bureau Veritas is an outstanding firm to join and build a professional career.

My thirty-one years with the company have been extremely rewarding and a process of constant learning. I have seen this company grow from strength to strength, outperform the competition and reach the pinnacle of performance through its highly professional and fair business practices. As long as you have the determination to work hard, there are no limits to how far you can go in Bureau Veritas. If you want to work in a good environment, you can join any place, but if you want to work in a great environment - this is The Place.


But if you are inclined to compromise with your Honesty, Integrity and Ethics, this is not the place to work in."





Dr. R. Nagendra, India


Dr. R. Nagendra, Technical Director, DTPM, Construction Technical Control (CTC), Industry & Facilities, South Asia Region


"After working as a lecturer in Civil Engineering for twelve years, I joined Civil-Aid Technoclinic Pvt. Ltd. in 1998 as Technical Executive. My contribution to Civil-Aid in the fields of Structural Design, Non-destructive testing, Destructive testing of construction materials and other areas was recognized by the company and in 2005 I was promoted as the Technical Director.


By then I was also heading Civil Aid’s NABL accredited Material Testing Laboratory. From 2005 to 2011, I played a significant role in converting the laboratory to a state-of-art facility to test all types of construction materials. During this period I also completed my research work in the area of “Self-compacting Concrete” for which I was awarded a PhD from Bangalore University.


After Bureau Veritas took over Civil Aid in 2011, I could get a feel of a global company which is a world leader in Testing, Inspection & Certification, and conformity assessment. I also attended the “BV Academy” in Istanbul where I had the opportunity to meet BV managers from different parts of the world. This was an excellent opportunity to experience firsthand the depth of Bureau Veritas’ technical and managerial talent. I came back from the “BV Academy” with a great sense of pride of being a part of a leading multi-national company.


When Bureau Veritas set up their new construction materials test laboratories at Mumbai and New Delhi in 2012, I made substantial contributions to this process and derived great satisfaction from this experience. Both these labs have now received their NABL accreditation. With the starting of a new laboratory at Cochin in 2014, we now have seven laboratories all over India which can serve the construction industry for their testing needs. Our effort is to extend the services of these laboratories to all parts of India and abroad and I enjoy the thrill and the excitement of these challenges. We have also adopted “LEAN” management principles in laboratory testing activities.


With many modern materials entering the construction sector the challenge lies in creating testing facility for both materials as well as structural systems. Testing of Green Building materials is another area which interests me and I look forward to develop our testing facilities for these materials in the near future. As Indian manufacturers of construction material export their produce, CE Certification of construction material is another area where there is scope for growth and I am involved in this venture.


Bureau Vertas’ global as well as our pan-India presence has given me the opportunity to utilize my competencies to the full. The opportunity to interact with a very talented set of people within the group, gives me the opportunity to grow on a daily basis. I take great pride in being a part of the Bureau Veritas family."





Tim Plowman in Saint Louis, United States


Tim is Director of Business Development for Bureau Veritas’ National Elevator Inspection Services.


"Before joining Bureau Veritas I worked for 19 years in the Elevator Industry in several world leading companies. My career included a variety of sales, application, management and marketing positions. I became Regional Vice President of Modernization Marketing for a renowned company in the elevator field.


Now, at Bureau Veritas, I am the Director of Business Development for Bureau Veritas’ National Elevator Inspection Services. My main responsibility in this role is to develop the Marketing and Business Development function for elevator inspections, witnessing of safety tests, and plan reviews. Concretely, this means continuing to grow the business and maintain our position as the largest elevator inspection company in the United States!

The main challenge of my job is learning the numerous variations each Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ) has regarding elevator code compliance and adoption. This will be essential in developing quality relationships and solutions for municipalities, hospital organizations, retail groups, property management companies, etc. throughout the U.S."



Eva de la Cruz Lancha in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates


Eva de la Cruz Lancha is a building and facilities business manager at Bureau Veritas Abu Dhabi.


"Before joining Bureau Veritas I worked as a site manager for a construction company in Spain. I was responsible for the administrative, technical and financial aspects of projects, overseeing a number of employees and subcontractors. In October 2000, I joined Bureau Veritas in Spain as a site inspector and health and safety coordinator, taking on a managerial role alongside this. After two years I became building and facilities manager for Castilla la Mancha and Extremadura Profit center, working on hotel, power station and shopping mall construction projects.


My new role is building and facilities business and development manager in Abu Dhabi. This involves dealing directly with clients to discuss planned constructions, managing my team and organizing projects, both financially and administratively. I also source potential business in the region.


I am currently involved in the "Tameer Towers" project. This is a Site and Supervision Inspection contract and it is a great challenge. Now is an exciting time for the construction industry in the Middle East, with many new developments and plenty of projects ahead".



Mohamed Tidjani in Abidjan, Ivory Coast


Mohamed Tidjani is operations manager for scanner activities of Bureau Veritas in Ivory Coast. 


"I started my career in 1989 in an information technology company, working for 10 years as a client service technician in their after sales support division. My responsibilities covered the Cap-Vert-Gambia-Mauritania-Mali zone. During my time there, I also had the opportunity to work in France for 6 months, at the Hotline service in Val de Fontenay. I then decided to reorient my career towards scanner activities. I joined a Trade Inspection company for 4 years, firstly working as an image auditor, then as manager of the South zone following a 6 month mission in Togo on their scanner site. In April 2005, I joined Bureau Veritas during the test phase of the CAB2000 scanner in Ivory Coast. This test period was the perfect opportunity for us to build our teams and fine-tune local scanner procedures.


Now at BIVAC Scan, Bureau Veritas’ scanner subsidiary in Ivory Coast,  I am in charge of supervising all scanner related activities, notably:
- Ensuring that we provide an efficient commercial service to our clients with respect to the contract;
- Ensuring that security procedures and standards (HSE) are fully respected;
- Ensuring that the scanner and the site’s facilities are always operational.
Among my functions, I am also Scanner Coordination Committee secretary.



There are two main challenges in my new job:
- The first one is to create new business related to the scanner activity, such as export inspection in addition to our import activity;
- The second one is to build a Scanner referential database (process, maintenance, etc.) from Abidjan accessible to the whole Group. The aim of this tool is to share good practices and to help other scanning facilities solve their problems in an easier and faster way."




Matthias Bartsch in Moscow, Russia


Matthias Bartsch is a project manager with Building & Facilities at Bureau Veritas IPM in Germany currently working with BV in Moscow, Russia.


“I started out my career with Bureau Veritas IPM Germany, in 2003. My first position was as a project engineer, working for two years on renovation projects for Cologne University. This involved controlling all aspects of scheduling, costs and the design process. After this, I became responsible for controlling the budgets with regard to the development planning for Dortmund’s new central station, which was another two year mission. My major role was to draw up payment schedules and carry out economic assessments regarding the development project, including the building of a shopping and entertainment centre by a Portuguese client. In 2007 I was delegated to Bureau Veritas Russia as project manager for a hotel construction project.

Now I am currently working on a project involving the building of a new hotel in Kazan by two investors, Accor and Kesco. My role is to manage, coordinate and coach the project management team regarding all of the services we provide to these clients, including site supervision. When my schedule allows it, I help the team with operational tasks such as the drafting and management of contracts, budget and schedule development and controlling and reporting.

The main challenge of this new job is learning how to manage effectively is the main challenge of this new job. It involves finding the right balance between dealing with tasks and with people. It also means helping the team to take on its own responsibilities and work independently, which I encourage through delegation.

Day to day, I need to constantly work on maintaining a positive relationship with our client and proactively help each investor to make contributions to the project. Then following on from this, I must communicate the client’s expectations effectively to the team to ensure we get the right results. Finally all of this comes within the context of a difficult design process and adverse construction market conditions which have both meant delays and rising costs. It’s definitely a challenge, but an enjoyable one!”


Inci Dogusan in Istanbul, Turkey


Inci manages our Industry and Health, Safety & Environment (HSE) services at Bureau Veritas Turkey. She heads the Industrial and HSE Services Department for the Caspian Sea and is also acting Turkey and Caspian Sea Oil & Gas manager.


"Before Bureau Veritas, I worked as an HSE Specialist at the Aksa Acrylic Fiber Production Company for three and a half years. It is very large petrochemical company, the world's 3rd biggest in acrylic fiber production.


Now at Bureau veritas, I am responsible for all our services in the areas of industry, health,safety and the environment for Turkey and the Caspian Sea, which includes Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan. My job involves strategic development, monitoring the direction of marketing and sales activities and operations, coordinating and supporting our offices in Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan, and developing our Oil & Gas business in Turkmenistan. It is an exciting and dynamic time for the region and we are being asked to help with many new Oil & Gas projects.

One of our biggest challenges is that we offer such a wide range of services. It is up to us to turn this into an opportunity. We must identify the specific needs of specific clients. The diversity of our offering allows us to satisfy all types of clients in all types of sectors. It's a fortunate position to be in."



Céline Mauroy civil engineer in Pau, France


Céline is a civil engineer with the Construction business line at Bureau Veritas in Pau, in the South of France.

She joined us in 2006 with a structural engineering background.


"Before joining Bureau Veritas, I worked as a structural engineer for a small company involved in construction design and planning, based in Aubagne, southern France. Being part of a small structure gave me the opportunity to participate in lots of different projects. This allowed me to build up a solid level of experience and make some useful industry contacts.

As a civil engineer at Bureau Veritas, my main role is to oversee the inspection of construction projects. I also help grow our activity in the construction sector. It is a rewarding job because it is so rich and varied. I get to see projects from design to completion. I have technical responsibilities like site monitoring and am also involved in the financial management of each project, from a Bureau Veritas point of view.

Professional reputation is key for this job. I need to be known and recognized in the industry to be kept up to date on all the latest projects coming up. For me, this involves working hard every day to build up my network of industry contacts and be able to stay ahead."


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