ISO 50001 Energy management Systems

Demonstrate Effective Asset Management with ISO 55001 certification

Successful management of your company’s assets help organizations manage the lifecycle of assets more effectively. By implementing ISO 55001 organizations will achieve higher return with their assets, and reduce the total cost of risk. This standard applies to all organizational structures of companies, and to all types of assets. 


Energy has become a key metric for companies. Saving energy means saving operational costs. Energy consumption also implies reducing greenhouse gas emissions and demonstrating greater care for natural resources. These are tangible actions for companies looking to enforce and contribute to sustainable development.
Energy intense industries and other sectors can achieve significant improvement in their energy use, optimizing their consumption and using more renewable energy.


What are Energy Management Systems (EnMS) and their payback?
Management Systems provide continuous improvement in the fields of Quality, Environment and Safety. This concept has now been applied to improve energy use. ISO 50001 is the new global standard for Energy Management with requirements for:

  • Establishing an energy policy with concrete objectives to improve energy efficiency;
  • Setting a baseline of energy uses, identifying critical areas and understanding influential elements on energy use;
  • Maintaining a periodic forecast of energy use, allowing visibility to plan investments and improvements;
  • Considering energy consumption in the decision process for design and procurement of all equipment, raw materials or services.

ISO 50001 can be easily integrated into existing Quality, Safety and/or Environment Management Systems, for all types of organizations aiming to monitor and improve their energy efficiency. Several management systems can be audited during the same audit, optimizing costs.