Bulk Commodities Certification - Coal & Minerals Superintending

Bulk Commodities Certification - Coal & Minerals Superintending

Security of the Quality and Quantity of Your Shipments

International demand for coal and minerals import and export continues to grow, and as a result, there is an increasing number of stakeholders, including producers, end users, traders and finance organisations with a vested interest in the quality and quantity of these cargoes.

The various stakeholders require an independent third party to provide certification of quality and quantity. In any transaction where goods are bought and sold, there needs to be a concise definition of the quality and quantity to facilitate the transfer of custody of the cargo.


Inspectorate India supply our customers with confidence in the quality and quantity of the cargo. This in turn can help safeguard your interests and minimise associated risk. Our certificates are internationally recognised and accepted. Our clients include major coal-producing and using organisations worldwide. Inspectorate (Coal Services), following the acquisition by Bureau Veritas, is one of the largest superintendents of sea-born coal cargoes globally, with laboratories at most coal ports around the world.

As a client of Bureau Veritas you can expect to receive open and transparent communication, ready access to results & status updates, and assistance with interpretation of reports.

With our comprehensive global footprint in coal services at your disposal, extensive industry experience and client focus, Bureau Veritas will provide you with the support to help you grow your business internationally.


  • All Bureau Veritas superintending laboratories are Quality Assured.
  • Confidence that the certification accurately represents the quality and quantity of the product.
  • Internationally recognised 3rd Party verification.
  • Ability to obtain bulk samples for marketing and research purposes (trial burn, etc).
  • Our experience in providing superintending services enable us to proactively identify and report potential quality issues.
  • Our comprehensive network and internal systems ensures timely issuance of certificates.
  • Ability to provide rapid on-site determination of Ash and Moisture to assist cargo assembly.

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  • Pre-shipment Inspection
  • Pre/post pad inspection for cleanliness and/or contamination
  • Truck and train discharge
  • Stockpile monitoring
  • Temperature monitoring
  • Transportable and flow moisture
  • Auto-Sampler Inspection


  • Manual and/or mechanical sampling
  • Truck and train sampling
  • On-loading ship sampling for export cargoes
  • Blending management

Testing & Analysis

  • Physical Properties Testing
  • Chemical Analysis
  • Auto-Sampler Bias Testing 


  • Weight certificates
  • Draught survey (weight determination) certificates
  • Hold cleanliness inspection certificates
  • Certificates of origin