Certification Services

Certification Services

Certification is the most credible way to demonstrate excellence and drive continuous improvement

Across increasingly competitive sectors, it provides organizations of all sizes with a means of competitive advantage and an opportunity to enter new markets.

With a dedicated team of certification specialists and more than 60 accreditations globally, Bureau Veritas offers a wide range of customized audit and certification services across quality, health and safety, environment and social responsibility.


Management systems are critical to your business success: they provide the framework of policies and processes that ensures your company achieves its objectives and reduces risk in specific areas. Certification of these systems by a third party ensures your company is internationally recognized standards.


Discover how we empower your organization with our comprehensive certification services:

Independent Certification of Management Systems: Achieve excellence and mitigate risks through independent certification of management systems, aligning with ISO and other industry standards

BV Assurance: Ensure compliance with international and internal standards, covering vital aspects like social responsibility, quality, and brand consistency. Know More

Bureau Veritas Certification: Elevating Your Business Standards


Our comprehensive Management System certifications covering Quality, Health & Safety, Risk, and Sustainability.

Quality, Health, Safety & Environment MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS

Unlock excellence with our certification services for Quality, Health & Safety, and Environmental Management Systems.

  • Quality: ISO 9001 improves the management of your organization’s quality process
  • Health & Safety: ISO 45001 helps you to define your organization’s occupational health and safety policies and objectives to create better and safer working conditions
  • Environment: ISO 14001 improves your environmental management approach


Mitigate risks effectively with our tailored "certification services", addressing diverse risk-related challenges.

  • Information Security: ISO 27001 minimizes the risk of IT breaches and helps you comply with data protection legislation
  • Business Continuity: ISO 22301 improves your organization’s resilience against disruptive incidents across your entire business ecosystem, such as malicious cyber attacks
  • Asset Management ISO 55001 helps you to balance risk against cost efficiency in decision-making
  • IT Service Management: Building a competitive edge through higher quality IT services
  • Privacy Information Management: ISO 27701 assures stakeholders that your organization takes data privacy seriously

Sustainability management

Unlock growth potential with our diverse certification services including ESG Reporting, ISO 50001, Climate Change compliance, and more.

  • ESG Reporting as Per BRSR Assurance / Assessment Services on Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Reporting as per Business Responsibility and Sustainability Reporting (BRSR) Notification by Securities Exchange Board of India (SEBI) published on 10th May, 2021
  • Energy Management ISO 50001 helps you to optimize energy efficiency and sustainability 
  • Climate Change Services (CDM/VCS/GS/GCC): Validation and verification services to support greenhouse gas reduction under CDM, VCS, GS and GCC mechanism
  • Greenhouse Gas Accounting (ISO 14064)/ Carbon Foot Printing and CORSIA: Understanding and verifying your carbon footprint to improve operational sustainability and business performance
  • Sustainable Forestry Certification: Adopting sustainable timber sourcing practices for Forest Management and throughout the Chain of Custody is key to preventing deforestation. Certification to a range of standards, including EUTR, PEFC™, OLB and FSC® ( BVCH License Code A000504) helps companies prove their due diligence on sustainable forestry practices for forest and timber products. The delivery of FSC® certification services is in association with Bureau Veritas Certification Holding SAS.
  • Network for Certification and Conservation of Forests (NCCF) : The national member of PEFC representing India, a non-profit multi stakeholder organization registered as a society, came into existence in January 2015 to have a globally aligned certification program developed within India. NCCF has developed a national forest certification standard for India in 2017. The standard was endorsed by PEFC on 27 February, 2019


Our certification services address the following corporate responsibilities:

  • Social Accountability: Bureau Veritas offers SA8000 certification, helping you prove the highest quality of social compliance in your supply chain. SA8000 certification attests to an organization’s commitment to socially responsible workplace practices. SA8000 is based on a management system approach, and is awarded to companies that meet stringent social accountability criteria.
  • Sedex Members Ethical Trade Audit: A  SMETA assesses all aspects of responsible business practice for suppliers and supply chain. Bureau Veritas provides internationally recognized certification to SMETA requirements. Membership, dependent upon successful completion of a SMETA audit, demonstrates how highly your organization values ethical excellence.

Sector-specific solutions 

Our certification services address the following industries: