BV Assurance


We at Bureau Veritas believe in providing value to our clients to help them identify and manage their risks through their employee engagement and competence management process and process excellence through our Learning & Development (L&D services) and BV Assessment Services (Second Party and Customized Assessment Services) covering all aspects of business.

These services combined with our advisory services enable Organizations have edge over others in eliminating risks, sustain and improve their businesses.


Learning and Development Services (L&D Services) - BV Assurance

Learning and Development Services 

Bureau Veritas offers Learning and Development Services (L&D Services) that provide niche certification courses and implementation programs to meet the industry requirements by sharing knowledge and experience of industry experts.

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BV Assessment Services - BV Assurance

BV Assessment Services

Bureau Veritas offers Second Party and Customized Assessment Services to organizations to ensure compliance and improve performance along the entire value chain.

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