school kits distribution

Bureau Veritas Mumbai celebrated Children's Day by distribution of School Kits to underprivileged children 

For this Children’s Day on 14th of November, Bureau Veritas India partnered with the Seva Sahyog Foundation for distribution of school kits to underprivileged Children.

Seva Sahyog Foundation, which has been working in the field of education for the past decade. The intervention started through initial entry-level activity - School Kit Drive for the lesser privileged students free distribution.

The school kit drive has resulted in ensuring the attendance of students from the first week of reopening of the schools for the academic year. The lesser fortunate students from the underprivileged communities are struggling to get access to basic educational material for pursuing their education. With the background of the pandemic, many of socio-economically challenged families are struggling to make the two ends meet. In such conditions, education stationery kits for the students become their least priority. The support of the school kit shall not only enable the student to pursue education with adequate stationery supplies, but also give him his childhood memories of joyful learning.

Bureau Veritas helped the Seva Sahyog Foundation with the assembly and distribution of 5000 school kits.

The distribution of kits was done on the 14th of November to around 50 schools in Maharashtra.

The Impact:
The students belonging to lesser privileged segments lack stationery support. A school kit is a motivational force to ensure the students to attend the school.

Supporting the school students with a kit of stationery supplies including notebooks, pencil pouch, geometry box, and other supplementary material as per the age group.

The kits are categorized for classes:

•1st and 2nd

•3rd and 4th

•5th to 7th

•8th to 10th

The contents of the kit comprised of bag, notebooks, drawing book / graph book, pencil box / geometry box.

This was one of the BV's effort towards enhancing the well-being of the under privileged students.