Consultancy Services

Consultancy Services

Providing first class solutions for your major laboratory and mining projects.


Inspectorate India has a wealth of experience and knowledge available for the provision of inspection and testing consultancy services. We utilise our skills and resources to tailor a solution that meets your requirements and project needs.

Inspectorate India can help you develop projects from simple analytical procedures through to the design and commissioning of major laboratory facilities. We can provide technical auditing in the inspection field at ports, mining or refining locations including sampling bias testing. Expert training is offered at our centres of excellence or on-site at your facility. Inspectorate India can cross- chcek a specific  process handling any commodity for it's accuracy and correctness to solve any dispute by their expert consultancy services.  From production of expert and detailed reports to training your people in practices built around international standards, Inspectorate India has a solution for you.

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  • Simplify your proceedings and methods to achieve significant cost savings, faster turnaround times, improved accuracy and precision
  • Knowledge that your people have been trained thoroughly using the latest techniques to comply with the highest quality and health, safety and environmental standards worldwide
  • A long-term commitment to work with you to achieve your project objectives and provide support in the future, underpinned by our strict confidentiality agreements and Code of Ethics