Exploration and Borecore Testing

Exploration and Borecore Testing

Analytical Services for the Minerals & Coal Industry

In today’s global coal and minerals industries, there is a requirement for reliable, timely and efficient quality assured source of exploration analytical services. This data is needed to develop comprehensive quality models for resource evaluation leading to future mine expansion and development.


Inspectorate India's (Commodity Services) are a leading provider of technical testing, shipment certification and support services to the global commodity industry. With more than 15 laboratories and 45 offices in the country, Inspectorate India can provide Minerals & Coal Quality services from production to end use.

Comprehensive Borecore services are offered at many of our other laboratories. Our many years of experience and comprehensive network of facilities form the base from which we provide a spectrum of expert analytical and technical support services to the minerals & coal mining and other industries.

Inspectorate India apply a client-focused approach to the delivery of our services, with a core focus and commitment to understanding our clients’ individual business and industry requirements. Our highly qualified and experienced team of technical staff and operators are dedicated to delivering the right solutions and adding value to your business.

As a client of Inspectorate India  you can expect to receive open and transparent communication, ready access to results & status updates, and assistance with interpretation of reports.

With our expanding global footprint in coal services at your disposal, extensive industry experience and client focus, Inspectorate India  will provide you with the support to help you grow your business internationally.


  • Timely, accurate provision of Borecore and associated data required for the evaluation of new resource areas for both Greenfield and Brownfield projects.
  • State-of-the-art, comprehensively equipped facilities - no need to outsource any testing.
  • Largest international network to provide coordinated, timely delivery.
  • Assistance with Borecore program design to clarify the parameters critical to the evaluation of deposits.

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  • Sampling
  • Channel and Strip Sampling
  • Tailings Dam Sampling
  • Core Log Verification


  • Preliminary analysis results promptly reported at each stage
  • Electronic reporting in client preferred spreadsheet format
  • Comprehensive electronic and hard copy final reports
  • Graphical presentation of results

Testing & Analysis

  • Physical Properties Testing
  • Chemical Analysis
  • Petrography and Trace Element analysis
  • Davis tube testing

Quality Control

  • Rigorous data validation procedures
  • Accredited laboratories
  • Round robins, technical and quality audits
  • Sample preparation & analysis is performed to the relevant standards methods (where applicable)