Food Laboratory Testing


Test your products in our laboratories to guarantee safety and ensure compliance with regulations and industry standards.

Analytical FOOD LABORATORY TESTING Services Provided -

Microbiology: Microbiological testing is performed in all types of food to detect the presence of bacteria and other microorganisms that are harmful to health. Bureau Veritas ensures your product is free from pathogens and safe for consumption.

Contaminant Analysis: Contaminant and Residual Analysis is important to detect the presence of pesticides and heavy metals in food products. It is a major application for the food safety testing market and Bureau Veritas has brand new technologies to make you compliant with food safety international standards.

Physical-Chemical: Physical-Chemical testing allows you to identify the components present in your food products, enabling you to determine the nutritional content and the physical characteristics of a product (weight, humidity…).

Sampling: To assure the quality of our analytical services, we have qualified people and appropriated procedures to prepare your samples.

Added Values - 

  • Reduce the risk of recalls, returns and complaints
  • Enhance risk management and brand protection
  • Ensure your product is free of pathogens and contaminants
  • High-quality services according to HACCP and GLP

Why Bureau Veritas?

Bureau Veritas provides a full and comprehensive scope of Agri-Commodities and Food Laboratory Testing throughout the entire Supply Chain