Delivering assurance on the quality and quantity of your shipments.

International trade is on the rise and involves an increasing number of players including importers, exporters, traders, banks, insurance companies, non-government organizations and public bodies at both national and international level. In any transaction where goods are bought and sold, there is a transfer of ownership. The various parties need support from an independent third party to provide reassurance of the conformity of goods. They also need quick reporting from the field about quality, weight or any other specific aspect of the product.

What is Inspection of Agrifood & Commodities?
Inspection of Agrifood & Commodities involves inspecting products for specific criteria such as quality, weight, packing and labelling. Such inspections can be performed at different points in the product's supply chain including at the production site, and loading or unloading points. Bureau Veritas inspectors can survey the operations, report on the visual condition of cargo, perform weight tests, and draw samples to grade the product on site or ascertain the quality by analyses in a laboratory. They can also tally (= count) units of bags or cartons and perform other specific tasks as required. Regular reporting (generally on a daily basis) is provided to the client throughout all operations.

What are the key benefits?

  • Reassurance about actual weight and quality (or other criteria) of products.
  • Ability to react in time and protect your interests in case of a problem.
  • Third Party inspection results can be used to support sales.
  • The certificate may also be used as one of the documents to present in case of payment with a Letter of Credit.