Load and Discharge Supervision and Inspection

Load and Discharge Supervision and Inspection

Helping to safeguard your interests

There are a number of risks associated with the shipment of metals and minerals, including loss of material through poor handling and quality variations from contamination or transport damage. These can result in significant financial loss for the commercial parties involved. Whether you are shipping a consignment of gold bullion or a capesize load of iron ore, Inspectorate India can help safeguard your interests by providing independent inspection and testing services.

Working from the world’s major ports, mining and refining locations, we aim to minimise commercial risk by quickly and accurately determining the physical properties of materials. We also design, install and operate mechanical sampling systems.

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  • Our worldwide inspection network helps you reduce the risk of errors or losses at key points in the supply chain – e.g. loading, unloading, sampling
  • Appropriate international standards and procedures are adhered to (ISO, ASTM)
  • Our certificates of quality and quantity are accepted by the world’s main producers, traders and financial institutions
  • Conformity to stringent ethical, health and safety and environmental standards