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Network for Certification and Conservation of Forests (NCCF)


Developing national forest management standards is at the heart of PEFC certification process. The development process involves many stakeholders, but is facilitated by a specific organization called the standardizing body. The standardizing body is often the PEFC national member of that country. The national member representing India is NCCF. Network for Certification and Conservation of Forests (NCCF), a non-profit multi stakeholder organisation registered as a Society, came into existence in January 2015 to have a globally aligned certification program developed within India. NCCF became a member of the PEFC Council in August 2015. NCCF has developed a national forest certification standard for India in 2017. The standard was endorsed by PEFC on 27 February, 2019.

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Bureau Veritas India Private Limited has applied for with NABCB provision approval as Certification Body for NCCF FM scheme


Adopting sustainable timber sourcing practices for Forest Management and throughout the Chain of Custody is key to preventing deforestation. Certification to a range of standards, including ATFS, EUTR, PEFC™, OLB, FSC® and SFI, helps companies prove their due diligence on sustainable forestry practices for forest and timber products. Forest certification of related management systems aims to provide an assurance that such inputs to such certified products originate from legal and sustainably managed forests and establishes the transparency of forest supply chains.

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