Accord Hotels & Resorts_Safe hygiene assessment


Accord Hotels & Resorts association with Bureau Veritas for ‘COV-SAFE Hygiene Assessment’ will facilitate the safety and hygiene of stakeholders.

Sep. 2 2020

Accord Hotels & Resorts will now be ready to reduce the risk of pandemic for the clients and employees. In this era of pandemic, Accord Hotels & Resorts had associated with Bureau Veritas to facilitate the safety and hygiene of stakeholders. Accord Metropolitan Chennai & Accord Hotel Puducherry signed the contract with Bureau Veritas.

Bureau Veritas has developed a protocol which takes into consideration areas contributing to lack of hygiene and illness and support the client in mitigating risk, ensuring compliance, prompt procurement and infrastructure planning and employing sanitisation measures. The protocol is popularly known as ‘COV-SAFE Hygiene Assessment’.

The purpose of ‘COV-SAFE Hygiene Assessment’ is to reassure clients and employees entering the site/premises about the good practices in place to prevent contamination during the unlocking phase. Any business premises/site with large number of people movement. Ex. Rail and Metro, Airports, Hotels, QSR chains, Banks, Schools, Call Centres, Shopping Malls, Retail Chains, Manufacturing, Service providers ex. Housekeeping Services, Manpower Providers, ATM Refilling, etc.

This assessment will cover following factors:- 

•             Monitoring Measurement & Analysis

•             Facility Hygiene

•             Personal Hygiene

•             Compliance Management

•             Risk Management

The Accord Group was started with an aim to build relationships that would last longer than the guests stay at any of our hotels. The group believes in covering that extra mile to ensure that first and perfect impression on their clients and guests. Bureau Veritas, being the foremost choice of the group, tends to facilitate this ongoing experience of joy with corrective measures of hygiene and safety for their clients.