Bureau Veritas India Celebrated the International  Bio Diversity Day organized by the Green Umbrella

Jun. 16 2022

Bureau Veritas arranged a nature walk and Seed collection drive from Mumbai office on 21st May 2022 on occasion of International Bio diversity day for the promotion and awareness of Biodiversity issues.

As the global community is called to re-examine our relationship to the natural world, one thing is certain: despite all our technological advances we are completely dependent on healthy and vibrant ecosystems for our water, food, medicines, clothes, fuel, shelter and energy, just to name a few.

From ecosystem-based approaches to climate and/or nature-based solutions to climate, health issues, food and water security and sustainable livelihoods, biodiversity is the foundation upon which we can build back better.

This drive intended to make employee understand the meaning and importance of biodiversity by participating in this small activity. This was facilitated by Bureau Veritas at Tungareshwar in Vasai, Maharashtra and organized by the Green Umbrella .

Green Umbrella is a Non-Government-Organization aimed at restoring balance and diversity of nature through plantation of indigenous or native trees. It was founded in 2010 with extraordinary determination to protect and conserve the environment.