Press Release


Aug. 16 2021

Bureau Veritas India join hands with Sattvik Council of India (SCI) introducing Sattvik (Vegeterian) Food Certification Scheme providing best-in-class expertise to its Food Safety and Quality assessment.

Sattvik food is considered as healthy, pure, nutritious and pious as believed by of a large section of the global community. There is a need to verify, validate and test the sources of the food ingredients and the processes deployed by the food manufacturers to endorse the food as Sattvik Food.

Sattvik Certification is a combination of food safety regulation and vegetarianism based on sound scientific and hardcore vedic principles to protect consumers from incidents of food borne illness and freedom from vegetarian contamination.

Sattvik Council of India (SCI) was established with an ideology to initiate and create Quality Management Service (QMS) specially for the vegetarian consumers of India and Global Markets

As a part of agreement, Bureau Veritas India will offer following types of Certifications

  • Sattivk-Sattvam: A food prepared strictly following all the principles of Sattvik concept – i.e., Vegetarian food complying with non-use of all the forbidden ingredients and prepared in a kitchen or a processing facility with prescribed lay out.
  • Sattvik-VegetarianA Food prepared with 100 % vegetarian ingredients, and ensuring free from contamination by non-Vegetarian food (Ex: Eggs, Meat, Fish, etc.) or any ingredients derived from animal slaughter
  • Sattvik-VeganA Sattvik vegetarian food prepared with no use of any animal origin products, milk and its derivatives such as cheese, butter, ghee etc.
  • Sattvik-JainA Sattvik Vegetarian food prepared ensuring non-use of forbidden uneatable as defined in Jain Conduct, such as underground vegetables, roots, fruits & plants  such as potatoes, garlic, Onion etc. to prevent injury to any living creature including insects, bacteria, microorganisms & alcohol based beverages

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