Blood donation



Jul. 11 2023

Bureau Veritas had organized a Blood Donation Drive at Mumbai office in collaboration with Tata Memorial Hospital. The event witnessed an overwhelming response from employees, with 82 eligible individuals generously donating their blood out of a total of 134 participants. The drive, held at the company's premises in Mumbai, garnered commendable support from the employees and was facilitated flawlessly by the Mumbai Admin Team.

The initiative contributing to a noble cause, drew an impressive turnout. Despite a total footfall of 450 employees at work, the willingness of 134 individuals to participate in the blood donation drive is truly remarkable. Their altruistic spirit and dedication to helping others in need is a testament to Bureau Veritas' commitment to corporate social responsibility.

The event was conducted in association with Tata Memorial Hospital, a renowned healthcare institution known for its exceptional contributions in cancer treatment and research. Bureau Veritas' collaboration with such a reputable partner further emphasizes the company's dedication to supporting crucial healthcare initiatives and making a positive impact in society.

Bureau Veritas extends its heartfelt gratitude to all participants and expresses pride in their selfless act of donating blood. Their kindness and compassion have undoubtedly touched countless lives, making a significant contribution to the well-being of the community.