Petroleum Cargo Inspection & Testing

Petroleum Cargo Inspection & Testing

Minimizing Risk in Custody Transfer and Storage.

Professional inspection services are critical whenever the custody of goods transfers between buyers, sellers and traders. To assist with a seamless transition, Bureau Veritas has highly skilled professionals ‘on the ground’ in all major transit and trading locations. We offer localized expertise in a range of technologically advanced inspection and sampling services around the world.

With the support of our comprehensive network of independent testing facilities we are able to offer certificates that are trusted for their integrity by all contractual parties, including financial institutions and insurance companies.

Working to international standards, Inspectorate India has a team of experienced IFIA certified surveyors working at ports, refineries and storage locations across the region. Our surveyors are trained and equipped to perform measurements and employ appropriate sampling techniques.

Analysis is necessary to show product specifications have been attained. Inspectorate India laboratories are ISO 17025 accredited and work to high internal and external standards to provide the service you need. Certificates for both quality and quantity are recognized by all trading parties and give value to your product.

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  • Inspection, sampling and testing of crude oil, petroleum products, LPG, petrochemicals and chemical gases
  • Bulk oil cargo measurement
  • Blending
  • Additivisation
  • Ship to ship inspections
  • Tank cleanliness inspections
  • On/off hire surveys
  • Bunker inspections
  • Tank calibration
  • Loss control


  • Load, discharge inspections
  • Evaluation of manufacturer’s production capability
  • Management and quality control systems