Sampling Plant Compliance Auditing

Sampling Plant Compliance Auditing

Ensuring Sample Plants Are Taking Representative Samples

Increasingly in the coal mining industry it is important to have reliable sampling systems as critical commercial and operational efficiency decisions are based on the integrity of the samples obtained.

The integrity of any analysis depends completely on the reliability and accuracy of the samples acquired. Inspectorate India understand the important role that mechanical sampling systems play in shaping the commercial and technical development of mine and port operations.


Inspectorate India (Coal Services) has experienced personnel with a thorough working knowledge of mechanical sampling systems. The key personnel performing these audits and maintenance checks have many years experience in compliance auditing, bias testing and operation of sample plants.

Inspectorate India has the capacity via our global network to deliver bias testing services and sample plants audits at most coal producing / export locations around the world.


Inspectorate India (Coal Services) has developed operational equipment and software specific to mine site and  sample plants and over many years of auditing has developed an inherent knowledge of sample plant operations.

This enables problems and difficulties associated with these plants to be rapidly identified and remedial practices put in place. Inspectorate India (Coal Services) has structured its auditing procedures to allow adaptation to new standards.


  • Cutter Speed Analysis
  • Sample size variograms
  • Comprehensive compliance audit reports listing all measurements to determine conformity with specifications and compliance with relevant standards.

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