EMS ISO 14001:2015 Auditor Conversion - Virtual Training Course


PR 338: CQI-IRCA Certified EMS ISO 14001:2015 Auditor Conversion (17961)

On successfully completion of 
EMS ISO 14001:2015 Auditor Conversion
 virtual training course, delegates will be able to:

  • Audit as per the requirements of ISO 14001:2015standard
  • Understand key elements of ISO 19011 and ISO/IEC 17021Standards
  • Understand key environmental issues
  • Plan an audit against a set of audit criteria
  • Successfully execute an environmental management systems audit
  • Understand the differences between QMS and EMS audits
  • Create clear, concise and relevant audit reports
  • Communicate the audit findings to a client



Basic Pre-Requisites for EMS ISO 14001:2015 - Auditor Conversion:

  • Completion of secondary education.
  • An understanding of report writing is desirable.
  • Knowledge of the following environmental management principles and concepts & intended outcome of an environmental management system

    a) Enhanced environmental performance
    b) Fulfillment of compliance obligations
    c) Achievement of environmental objectives

  • Knowledge of the requirements of ISO 14001, which may be gained by completing an CQI-IRCA certified EMS Foundation Training course or equivalent.
  • Further, the delegates must also be aware of Generic management systems including the PDCA cycle and interrelationship between core elements of a Management System and Top Management, Policy, objectives, planning, implementation, review and continual improvement
Specific Pre-requisites:

  • This course is meant for qualification of existing auditors of other management system disciplines (Ex. QMS, OHSMS, FSMS, ISMS, EnMS etc.).
  • Knowledge of management systems audit as per ISO 19011 is required through the satisfactory completion of an CQI-IRCA Certified Auditor/Lead Auditor Training course in another discipline or the acceptable alternative (Please contact us for Details).


    • Environmental Issues
    • Environmental Management Systems overview
    • What to look for in Context of the organisation.
    • What to look for in Implementation and Operation.
    • What to look for in Leadership. Planning and Support
    • What to look for in operation, performance evaluations and improvements
    • Environmental legislation & auditing for the process of implementation and compliance
    • Audit management and techniques.
    • Accreditation & Certification processes (ISO 17021, IAF MD1)
    • Auditor Competence (ISO 19011, CQI-IRCA norms)
    • Practical Exercises workshops and Feedback

    Information of Examination (E-Assessment) Process: 
    1. E-Assessment is conducted and managed by CQI-IRCA. 
    2. The examination link will be mailed to registered e mail of the delegate by CQI-IRCA, after the commencement of the course.
    3. Delegate shall appear for examination any time within 30 days from the last day of training.
    4. CQI-IRCA shares results with Bureau Veritas, about 10 working days from e-assessment of the delegate, provided there are no technical and other issues identified by CQI-IRCA.
    5. Hardcopy of certificate will be issued by Bureau Veritas after three weeks from the receipt of results from CQI-IRCA.
    6. The release of certificate will be subjected to realization of payment for the course(s).
    7. Re-sit for examination (wherever applicable) will be facilitated by Bureau Veritas based on the written request by the delegate.


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