CO2 footprint

Greenhouse Gas Accounting / Carbon Footprint ISO 14064-1, 14064-2


Climate change is one of the most critical global environmental issues which we face today. In an effort to address climate change, numerous voluntary and regulatory greenhouse gas (GHG) programs have evolved across the globe. In our country, central and state government regulation on measurement, reporting and verifications (MRV) of GHG emission inventories/ reductions is imminent. Business therefore faces increasingly complex requirements for identifying and reporting GHG emissions and achieving reduction targets. Stakeholders expect companies to publicly reveal their performance concerning climate change and other sustainability issues. Businesses must decide how to respond to growing demand for environmental and social accountability.


How can we assist with climate change issues?
Clients benefit from our deep insight of environmental and sustainability issues in the domain of business. At Bureau Veritas Certification we have a comprehensive understanding on GHG management and through our services enable our client to deal with climate sustainability challenges.


  • GHG emission inventory and carbon footprint verification
  • Organisational level GHG Emission inventory verification & certification – ISO 14064-1
  • Project Level GHG Emission reduction and GHG removals verification & certification – 14064 -2
  • Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) Assurance
  • Carbon Neutrality Assessments 


What are the benefits of determining my GHG emissions?

  • Prepare for future regulatory compliance
  • Allow accurate reporting to customers, stockholders, and other stakeholders
  • Know where to focus your GHG reduction efforts based on actual and historical inventories
  • Obtain credit for early action taken to reduce GHG.

What are the benefits of GHG accounting and reporting as per ISO 14064 standards?

  • Enhance corporate image and reputation among stakeholders
  • Satisfy stakeholder and consumer expectations
  • Reduce impacts to human health and the environment
  • Improve resource efficiency
  • Identify key issues and opportunities for improvement and reducing GHG emissions


Technical Expertise

Our experienced multi-disciplinary staff - located in over 40 offices across the nation - offer extensive technical knowledge to respond to today's climate and sustainability challenges. Our team comprises skilled validators / verifiers, including:

  • GHG Lead Verifiers
  • Professional Engineers


Bureau Veritas is accredited by the UNFCCC for Validation and Verification of project activities under CDM (Clean Development Mechanism).  We also accredited under Gold Standard Scheme and VCS (Verified Carbon Standard). 

We apply our auditing experience and knowledge of GHG protocol and ISO 14064 GHG Accounting Standards for the organisation’s GHG emission inventory and/or GHG emission reduction verification / assertion. We audit and provide assurance for GHG Emission Values computed by the organisation that helps to identify and fill data gaps that are material to the operation.

Bureau Veritas Certification can provide verification services for clients that independently make their GHG Inventory based on ISO 14064 standards.