Bureau Veritas becomes an approved assessment body for Quality Council of India for the WASH scheme

Jun. 2 2020

Bureau Veritas has been approved to undertake assessments of workplaces under the Workplace Assessment of Safety and Hygiene (WASH) scheme introduced by Quality Council of India (QCI).

Post the ongoing restraining situation, business landscape will clearly include a larger focus on Health, Safety and Hygiene conditions of employees, customers and public at large. India’s decision to start opening up the economy in a staggered manner, while laudable, requires a plan to make sure that exceptions are minimised and recurrences of spread are strategically isolated.

This requires a few imperative priorities for the organizations/institutions as mentioned below:

  • Ensuring safe operations and workplace for safeguarding health and safety of employees, customers and public
  • Complying with all new COVID-19 related requirements from health authorities and/or other government bodies.
  • Ensuring business continuity in operations to serve customers and protect businesses.

For the benefit of citizens and industry, Quality Council of India, along with industry stakeholders, has developed a harmonised “Workplace Assessment for Safety and Hygiene” (WASH)”. The WASH scheme covers all business/industries including manufacturing, service, trade etc.

This scheme aims to mitigate the risk of the ongoing infection as the businesses reopen across India. The WASH standard is applicable for assessment of any workplace which has been allowed to operate and aims to provide the applicant with a holistic report on the preparedness of their operations and processes related to Hygiene & Safety with regards to the infection risk.

With this Bureau Veritas will be a ble to play a major role for various businesses in checking that all appropriate health, safety and hygiene conditions are in place to support business resumption.