Dec. 17 2020

Bureau Veritas extends their Hygiene Assessment Services to Hospitality Industry, under SAATHI – a scheme developed by Ministry of Tourism Government of India in partnership with Quality Council of India (QCI).

In current COVID-19 epidemic, it is important for all the hotels, restaurants and other hospitality units take suitable measures to restrict any further transmission of the virus while providing accommodation and other services post lockdown. To assist the hospitality industry in their preparedness to continue operations safely and mitigate risks arising out of the COVID pandemic, the Ministry of Tourism has partnered with the Quality Council of India has recently launched an initiative called SAATHI (System for Assessment, Awareness & Training for Hospitality Industry) and Bureau Veritas has extended the assessment services under the SAATHI initiative.

This initiative is designed in following 3 phases:

1.       Self-Certification: This process explains the key elements related to preparedness against COVID-19. A Self-Certification is generated at the end.

2.       Webinars: After undertaking Self-Certification, the key elements of SAATHI are explained through Webinars. A Certificate of Participation is issued.

3.       Site-Assessments: After Self-Certification units may go for a site/remote assessment which assess on-ground preparedness and advise opportunities for improvement. A Certificate of Assessment is issued.

As phase 3 of this initiative, a hotel/unit which has undergone Self-certification may also opt for site/remote assessment. The SAATHI framework/standard (based on which assessment are conducted) is aligned with the WASH standard since both are for hygiene & safety measures against COVID-19, however, the SAATHI standard is hospitality industry specific.

Benefits of SAATHI

•         Specially designed for hospitality sector
•         Ensuring safety & health of employees and guests
•         Helping in complying with COVID-19 related regulatory requirements
•         Rapid response team
•         Identifying vulnerable areas within the organization, which need to be plugged
•         Mitigating risks
•         Ensuring continuity in operations

Bureau Veritas is playing a major role for various hospitality ventures in checking that all appropriate health, safety and hygiene conditions are in place to support business resumption.