Bureau Veritas India to be the Knowledge partner at ‘SANIMART’ virtual event to be organized by Confederation of Indian Industry (CII)

Aug. 19 2020

The current pandemic has brought life on crossroads, stalling the pace of economy globally.

In these times, there has been a rapid growth and innovation in the sanitization and personal hygiene space. Technological advancement has assisted in tracking and monitoring the threat and regaining the confidence back in human life.  

With this background, Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) is organizing a virtual Exhibition `SANIMART' with the theme “Key to Unlocking LIFE” from 28 August - 12 October 2020.

SANIMART would focus on identifying methods to accelerate the progress in sanitation, air quality, facility management, environment sustainability and contactless technology to enhance quality of life and creating safe places, focusing on following sectors:

✓ Quality Disinfectants Industry

✓ Sanitizers Industry

✓ Clean Air Technology

✓ Training and Knowledge Dissemination on Sanitization/Safe Chemicals through Scheduled Training Sessions

✓ Housekeeping and Facility Management Services  

✓ Webinars on Protocols, Standardization and compliances for safety from Industry Experts

✓ Artificial Intelligence and IT solutions for Public and Private places  

✓ Safe Handling of Waste

✓ Contactless Equipment and Technology

✓ Immunity Boosting Products

✓ Personal Protective Equipment

✓ Remodelling and Reorganising Office Spaces

Bureau Veritas will be the Knowledge partner at the event to present the exclusive programme of ‘Restart Your Business with BV’. There will be speakers from Bureau Veritas India at the pre-registered webinars / conferences during the event. Clients will be able to reach us through the B2B meetings wherein one on one discussions can be carried out with BV representatives to discover the various services offered by Bureau Veritas. 

Buerau Veritas will be driving this initiative of CII, to create a mass sensitization of Sanitization and Hygeine to open up the locked economy. It is a great opportunity for us to work together and bring maximum hotels, hospitals and CII members looking for solutions and SOP’s to reboot life.