BV Green Power


Bureau Veritas South Asia Region head office in Mumbai converts to Green Power

Oct. 1 2021

In an effort towards reducing Carbon footprint in line with BV’s sustainability commitment, we are proud to announce that Bureau Veritas India has successfully initiated and accomplished conversion of our electricity/energy usage from fossil power to renewable energy for the South Asia Head Office in Mumbai, India. We have shifted all our electricity consumption to Green Power and have received first set of green bills for the same from the power distributor - Tata Power. 

Through this initiative we are reducing a huge amount of carbon footprint thereby contributing towards our commitment. The South Asia Region Head office in Mumbai is one of the first to receive the Green Power Compliant certificate in APM. Below are the benefits of converting into 100% Green Power tariff –

  • Renewable Energy is Eco-friendly. Green Sources of Energy release little to no harmful emissions.
  • Switching to renewable energy has given us the ability to market our business as green.
  • Become Global sustainability leader
  • Community Improvement