Medical Gas Piping Inspection and Certification Services largely implemented in Karnataka by Bureau Veritas India

Jul. 8 2021

In these restraining times, some of the vital necessities in hospitals has been Oxygen (O2); Medical Air (for Ventilators); Vacuum line for (extraction of sputum (kafa) / venum in case of poison consumption.

MGPLS system, specifically applicable to health sectors, consist of half hard 250 grade Copper pipes, Air receiver tank with pressure gauge and SRV, vacuum tank with Vacuum gauges, air compressors, vacuum pumps, air dryers, pre filters, after filters, coolers. It also include LMO tank, O2 cylinders with pig tail copper pipes, Fully automatic control panels, semi-automatic control panel, valve box, NRVs, area alarm, regulators, bed out let points (O2, MA, V), bacteria filter, flow meter, theatre vacuum units.

During this pandemic, Karnataka government took steps for providing Medical Gas Pipe Lines at district level, Taluk Level and Community Health centers & Medical Colleges.

The Bangalore office of Bureau Veritas India received the project for the TPI Audit on the design, installation and testing across all the hospitals and Medical colleges. Our Bangalore office comprise of competent and qualified teams with Bio Medical engineering, Electrical & Instrumentation engineering and General Mechanical engineering backgrounds and experiences for OPEX or CAPEX projects in both government and private hospitals.