Bureau Veritas provide Organic certification based on  nationally and internationally recognized set of standards aimed at proving that agricultural and food products have been produced without the use of synthetic chemical products.

NPOP standard (India Organic- APEDA), EU Regulation 834/2007 and the US National Organic Program (NOP). To take into account the regulations in place, the certification scheme depends both on the country of production and the country of destination. This certification is aimed at producer organizations or members of food industries who want to commercialize organic products for a particular market. The organic certification considered as a guarantee of quality and safety by the consumers.


The certification process proceeds as follows:

• Definition of scope and standard to be used;

• Pre-audit (optional) in order to assess the current producer’s status;

• Certification audit to verify that all products and procedures conform to standards.

If this is the case, the certificate will be issued;

• Surveillance audit to follow the production.

NB: For agricultural products, a conversion period is necessary between the initial audit and the issuing of the certificate (i.e. a period of 2 years is necessary for vegetable products).

Information about list of operators are available based on request – write to